APAF: TERU TERU With The Flow Of Water

as the Creation through International collaboration "TERUTERU" directed by Mr.Tuxqs Rutaquio of the Phillippines.

It was nice meeting the director after a year at APAF, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre!
I was happy to watch the Creation, "TERU TERU" directed by him. I watched last year's "seed piece" and it has grown into full bloom in this year's full- version.
The performance was delicate and fantastic and all the actors are just wonderful.
The story contains the Japanese children's song, "Teru Teru Bozu', the song wishing for stopping the rain, and the Phillippines' myth of the Goddess who has power to control the rain, showing us what 'love' and 'death' are.
Thank you for the marvelous creation!

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